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Gym Equipment Service & Repair UK

All Gym-Fit maintenance is being carried out to our Covid19 protocols. Our Risk Assessment is being monitored daily, adapted where necessary & supplied to all Customers upon request. Engineers carry a copy with them on site.

Gym Repair report form- Complete with your machine details and receive a diagnostic quotation.

Click here for our Gym Service Quote Request Form- Easily add your Equipment list & receive your quotation.

CLICK HERE HERE FOR Daily , Weekly, Monthly maintenance guide.
YOU are responsible for the safety of your Gym. This is a guide only.
Daily equipment maintenance records must be kept by site staff and supplied to our engineers on arrival for inspection. Failure to do so invalidates any warranty for work carried out by Gym-Fit engineers.

Here at Gym-fit we repair and service Gym Equipment all over the UK.
We service and repair gym equipment in all UK locations London and the South East,
South West England, Birmingham and the Midlands, Lancashire, Yorkshire . Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Gym-Fit do not carry out repairs at domestic locations.

Our Gym engineer locations are nationwide and we help service and repair Gym and Fitness equipment in Schools, Colleges, Leisure Centres, Health clubs and Gyms.

Our Gym and Fitness service engineers work on all brands. We have Gym engineers who work on:
Life Fitness, Technogym, Precor, Cybex, Star Trac & many more both CV and Resistance equipment.
So where ever you are and what ever equipment you have we can help you.
If it's Treadmill Repair, Cross Trainer Repair, Elliptical Repair, Stepper Repair, Exercise Bike Repair, Recumbent Bike Repair, Spin Bike Repair, Strength Equipment Repair Resistance Equipment Repair, think Gym-Fit and we will do our part to give you a prompt professional gym service.

We provide detailed reports on any work needed following our gym equipment service or repair and we tell you just how important any follow up work actually is based on safety of the machine and safety to your customers. We show parts and labour separately and let you choose how much or how little you want to repair.

The Gym-Fit service & repair engineer program helps you keep your gym running in line with your budget & how much you spend.

Electronic Repairs to Commercial Fitness Equipment

Gym-Fit offer an all makes reconditioning and repair service of the electronics fitted to your Gym Equipment.
Each repair comes with a peace of mind warranty and a saving of up to 70% off the manufacturers price.
Our Electronics Repair service is available on all makes for example Cybex, Life Fitness, Precor & Technogym

For more details on how we can help you with Gym and Fitness equipment Service and Repair in the UK
All electronic repair inspections incur a mandatory inspection fee minimum of £75.00+vat

tel 01257 231 510 Commercial Maintenance enquiries only

or email

12 Great Reasons To Use Gym Fit for your Gym Maintenance

  1. Our services packages are flexible and unique to you
  2. Over 20 UK wide Service Engineers
  3. 24-48 hour call out response time available
  4. 24 hour fault report service via our website
  5. A dedicated engineer for your site giving you continuity of service
  6. Friendly, smart, trained staff guaranteeing the best level of service
  7. All BRANDS serviced.
  8. Comprehensive and precise defect reporting showing parts and labour per machine.
  9. Risk assessment, Method Statements available to keep on site.
  10. The UKs best technical back up available FREE of Charge on tel 0845 230 9049
  11. Quick Cost Effective Repairs carries out on site with the very least of disruption.
  12. The UK’s BIGGGEST stockist of SPARE PARTS for ALL MAKES

What Can you Expect from GymFit
We Repair ALL CV Equipment including

Treadmill Cross Trainer Cycles Steppers Rowers Spinning Cycle Versa Climber Vario Wave

Resistance Machines.
Service Single Stations for example- Chest Press, Leg Extension etc
All Loose Weights Area -ALL Benches or Studio Weights per area

CV Equipment Service to include.

Covers. Remove covers, vacuum circuit boards, check /tighten connections.
Belts/Chains. Check, lubricate, adjust tensions, check worn links.
Rollers. Adjust tension, lubricate.
Bearings. Check for wear.
Display. Check operation.
Hinge Points. Lubricate.
Belts. Silicon if required. Check Decks for wear & reverse if required.
General. Clean machine, inspect all parts.
Further repairs or spares needed will be detailed in our defect report supplied following the service.

Resistance Machine Service to Include.

Frame. Check Welds, tighten fixings, Lubricate. Guide Rods. Inspect, Degrease & Lubricate.
Wires/Belts. Wear check, adjust, lubricate, replace worn shackles, clips and hooks. Upholstery. Check for wear, tighten fixings.
Plungers. Re-tap threads if required, adjust springs.
Rubbers. Check for damage, replace if worn. Weight Stacks. Adjust check for damage, replace spacer rubbers.
Pulleys. Check bearing, tighten, lubricate. Handles / Clips. Check for wear, operation. Selector Pins. Check for wear.
General. Clean machine & comment on general condition.

Further repairs or spares needed will be detailed in our defect report supplied following the service.

Following a Gym Service a detailed report will be supplied listing spare parts required per machine. Each spare part for each machine will be detailed and costed individually so you can choose as much or as little to be repaired as suits your requirements or budget. Each part is given a grade of importance from essential to cosmetic, so every step of the way you have clarity over the seriousness of the repairs needed.
Our service & repair capability is backed by a market leading spare parts capability across all brands.
All in all the whole package Service , Repair & Parts.

Spin Bike / Indoor Cycle Maintenance & Service
The key to ensuring a Indoor bike operates at its best is to keep to a regular maintenance program, regardless of how often you use the bike, and always keeping a careful watch on the bike's regular wear and tear, addressing any small issues that may arise.

This way you'll catch any minor issues before they escalate into potential problems.

Indoor bikes are designed to work for extended periods of time and meet the needs of multiple users, but they do need regular check-ups to ensure they're running as smoothly as possible.

Sticking to a schedule is the best way to keep the bikes at their best.

What you can do to maintain your Bikes

Be sure to give your bike a wipe down after each session. Don't use abrasive or oil-based products to do this, a diluted/light detergent is ideal for the frame of the bike - with a damp cloth being used on the flywheel.

Gym-Fit Service Checks include Saddle, Chain Guard, Handlebar, Flywheel, the Front and Back Legs, Brake Dial, the Pins and the Levelling Feet. Checks for wear tear and damage, looseness and corrosion.

Pedals are checked for wear tear and damage, looseness and corrosion. Pedals should be changed minimum every 12 months or your insurance may be invalid.

If Gym-fit do not know when the pedals were last replaced we will advise they are replaced as a precaution.

Crank Arms & Bottom Brackets are checked for torque, wear tear and damage, looseness and corrosion.

Lubrication is applied as required. Repairs that do not require spare parts or specialist equipment will be carried out as part of the service.

Any spare parts found to be required following the service will be detailed by bike number in our defect report.

Spare parts are not fitted on service visits due to authorisation requirements.

Remember GymFit is the biggest stockist of spin bikes you'll find, so down time will be minimal and you'll pay the best price too.
Gym-Fit - Your Sportsart choice for Service and Repair

Gym-Fit Engineers cover many Uk locations here are just a few of those locations.
Gym engineer Aberdeen, Gym engineer Bath, Gym engineer Bolton,Gym engineer Brighton, Gym engineer Bradford, Gym engineer Bristol, Gym engineer Chorley, Gym engineer Crewe, Gym engineer Charlton, Gym engineer Cardiff, Gym engineer Doncaster, Gym engineer Dartford,Gym engineerDover, Gym engineer Edinburgh, Gym engineer Falkirk, Gym engineer Guilford, Gym engineer Hove, Gym engineer Ipswich, Gym engineer Kingston, Gym engineer Liverpool, Gym engineer London, Gym engineer Lewisham, Gym engineer Manchester, Gym engineer Middlesboro, Gym engineer Northampton, Gym engineer Norwich, Gym engineer Oldham, Gym engineer Plymouth, Gym engineer Preston, Gym engineer Peterborough, Gym engineer Reading, Gym engineer Swindon, Gym engineer Sheffield, Gym engineer Tottenham, Gym engineer Wigan, Gym engineer Wolverhampton,